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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Where Were You?

Dear Mark Ruffalo, Emma Watson, and your like-minded celebrity friends who are speaking out against what Israel is doing to Palestinians,

I hear you. I see you are outraged. I get it. You want a better world for the innocent Palestinians, and how dare Israel do what it is doing. So let me ask you this:

Where were you when more than 4,000 Palestinians in refugee camps were slaughtered in the Syrian Civil War?

Where was your outrage when Lebanon banned Palestinians from working as doctors, lawyers, or from owning land?

Where were you when it was exposed that the Palestinian Authority tortures Palestinian prisoners, or when Palestinian police murdered journalist Nizar Banat for opposing the government?

Where were you when 850,000 Palestinians were displaced by the Syrian Civil War?

How about when Lebanese militias killed 2,500 Palestinians in refugee camps and displaced another 30,000 Palestinians from 1985 – 1987?

Where was your outrage over Hamas dragging the bodies of innocent Palestinians through the streets of Gaza for “collaborating” with Israel?

Where were you when Hamas stored rockets in Palestinian schools?

When they recruited children to join the Jihad?

When they murdered one of the last Christian pastors in Gaza?

When they stole electricity, fuel, water, and humanitarian aid for their own terror activities instead of supporting their people?

Where is your protest against 22 Arab states for refusing to accept one single Palestinian refugee, even temporarily?

If you are only outraged by Israel’s actions, you are not pro-Palestinian. You don’t care about Palestinian lives. You are merely blinded by your own hatred of Israel. Be honest. Open your eyes.

The best way to protect the lives of innocent Palestinians is with the destruction of Hamas. Now leave us alone and let us get the job done. Not just for ourselves, not just for the innocent Palestinians, but for the future of this world.

Am Yisrael Chai!