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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

What’s the Difference?

Plain and simple, Hamas is winning the Information War. Let’s please get this straight to share with those who suffer from confusion and a complete and utter absence of understanding. 


. . . pro-Israel rallies and pro-Palestinian rallies?
At pro-Israel rallies, the police are there to protect the demonstrators. At pro-Palestinian rallies, the police are there to protect people in the audience. Sadly, a new difference is that Jewish demonstrators can get hurt or killed at both types of rallies.

. . . our slogan and the Palestinian slogans? 
The chant at our rallies is Am Yisrael Chai – Long live Israel. We cry out for life.  The chant at their rallies is Death to the Jews. Gas the Jews. From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free (meaning ‘no more Jews in that space’). That is a straightforward call for Jewish slaughter.

. . .  “murder” and “kill”?
The intention. The ten commandments do not say, “Thou shalt not kill.” The ten commandments say “Thou shalt not murder.” Hamas murdered Israelis. Death was the goal. Palestinians who remained in the area were killed by the IDF’s bombings. And note that for two weeks beforehand, the IDF warned the Palestinians to vacate the area because they were going after Hamas and didn’t want the Palestinians to get hurt.

. . . the red “kidnapped” posters and the red “murdered by Israel” posters?
Firstly, it’s a misuse of the word “murder” (see note above). Secondly, the “murdered” posters are merely to incite anger against the Israelis/Jews. The “kidnapped” posters are to remind people that we need to bring the kidnapped home. That there are still hundreds of innocents who are being held for no reason. Activists cry out for a ceasefire, while none of them bothers to acknowledge that there are babies, children, teens, families being held by Hamas.

. . . genocide and the death of Palestinians in Gaza?
Genocide is when the goal is to completely wipe out a nation.  The Palestinians that are killed in Gaza are, unfortunately, the collateral damage of war. At no time did the IDF or the Israeli people have a goal of erasing the Palestinian people from the map. On the contrary.  In the past 75 years, the Palestinians were offered their own state FIVE times, with the Israelis giving up land in the offering.

. . .  the goal of Israel and the goal of Hamas?
Two words: Peace / Genocide. All the Israeli People have ever wanted is peace.  All Hamas has ever wanted is to rid the world of Israel and the Jews. They dance and celebrate whenever more Israelis die from terrorist acts. (Have you ever seen Jewish people celebrate when anyone is killed?!)

. . . anti-Zionism, anti-Semitism, and pure unadulterated Jew-Hate?
None.  There is no difference. What’s more, it’s sobering to realize that all of the anti-Semitism coming out right now is nothing new.  It has always been there under the surface, but now it is unabashedly out in the open.

. . . the Jews and the rest of the non-Arab world?
We just happen to be the first group that Hamas is targeting. After the Jews, they say that they’re going after the Christians.

Wake up, and tell your friends to wake up. It’s an information war that we dare not lose.