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Monday, October 16, 2023

Just the Facts

We knew it would happen.  The news agencies would start to turn.  Last week, amidst the discoveries of horror after horror, most of the Western world was sympathetic to the Israelis.  But now, coming as no real surprise to any of us, there are deniers telling us the crimes are lies, accusers telling us that Israel is heartless and bloodthirsty, defenders telling us that it’s because the Palestinians never got their own land from Israel. 

Equip yourself.  In coming weeks, you will undoubtedly cross paths with people who don’t know the truth, who repeat what they hear, and who actually believe that everything is Israel’s fault. We all need to know the facts. 

I’m not looking for a political discussion. Please learn and share these facts with people who are less familiar with the history of the State of Israel and its repeated attempts at negotiating a Two-State Solution:

1937:  Arabs reject the Peel Commission to create a Jewish and Arab state.

1947: Arabs reject the UN partition plan to create a Jewish and Arab state. Wage war against the new nation of Israel. Lose more land than the partition gave them.

1967: Israel wins yet another war against its Arab neighbors, conquering Gaza, the West Bank and Sinai in a DEFENSIVE war. The Arab League declares the “Three No’s” (and this is really important!):
   (a) No peace with Israel
   (b) No recognition of Israel
   (c) No negotiations with Israel.
Israel voluntarily hands control of the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, back to the Islamic Waqf, and makes it illegal for Jews to pray there.

1979: Israel voluntarily hands the Sinai back to Egypt, returning land conquered in a DEFENSIVE war.

1993: Israel recognizes the sovereignty of the Palestinian Authority over the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the Oslo Accords. Yasser Arafat uses it to support TERRORISM.

2000: Israel offers Yasser Arafat recognition of a Palestinian state in all of Gaza and 94% of the West Bank with East Jerusalem as its Capital. Arafat rejects it and launches the Second Intifada.

2005: Israel pulls out of the Gaza Strip, dismantles all its settlements, and forces Jews to leave their homes. Palestinians respond by electing Hamas who turn it into a TERROR STATE.

2008: Israel offers Mahmoud Abbas once again recognition of a Palestinian state in all of Gaza and 94% of the West Bank with East Jerusalem as its Capital and even offers to dismantle all their settlements. And once again, the Palestinians reject it.

2010-2021: Hamas launches periodic rocket attacks against the State of Israel and builds terror tunnels in order to kidnap and murder Jews while using the people of Gaza as human shields against the IDF.

2023: Hamas commits the worst act of mass murder against Jews since the Holocaust.

(Adapted from a summary by Greg Price)