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Many Lives, One People

This exciting monthly program highlights the colourful and varied backgrounds of the Jewish people from around the globe.

Looking forward to beginning again after the pandemic!

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Part 1
Each month we begin by featuring a speaker who was born in another country, sharing stories of what it was like to grow up Jewish in that country. Hear about home rituals, community events, political challenges, anti-semitism and more.

Part 2
Following that, the Canadian-born child or grandchild of the speaker then shares stories of growing up here in Canada as the offspring of a foreigner. Hear how the traditions of the “old country” affect the childhood of a Torontonian.

Join us to hear about the fascinating differences and to celebrate the astounding similarities of Our People.

Wednesday Evenings 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Barbara Frum Library
Main floor
20 Covington Road
Free Admission

Past speakers have included:
SOUTH AFRICA, Glen Cohen and Eton Ziner-Cohen
HUNGARY, Kathy & Paul Foris, and Irene Foris
SOVIET UNION, Vladimir Rott
ITALY, Joel & Zeev Diena
MOROCCO, Max & Marcos Benaim
SWEDEN, Sydney & Jonathan Braun
ISRAEL, Isaac & Tamar Kraus
PERU, Morty Weisselberg
BELGIUM, “Hidden Child” Willy Halpert
JAMAICA, Willy Lindo
SOUTH AFRICA, Dr. Lawrence Friedman
HOLLAND, Ingeborg Vlessing, and Noa and Esther