There are no more seats available for our Slichot service. Please enjoy the service from home!

To listen: Tune in to 96.3FM on Radio
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Live from Zoomer Hall – AGAIN!

Last year The Song Shul’s inaugural Slichot service was broadcast live on The New Classical 96.3FM. It was the first time in the history of Canada that a Slichot service was broadcast on radio, making it possible for Jewish people to listen from the comfort of their homes.

Once again, and now with the addition of strings, Cantor Simon and the Toronto Festival Singers will set the tone for the New Year with the exquisite and mystical music of the Slichot service. An intimate “studio audience congregation” is invited to attend the Slichot service in person while people listening from radios and computers around the world will also be able to hear the haunting ancient melodies and uplifting singalong tunes, all with Cantor Simon’s beautiful a cappella arrangements.

The Song Shul’s Slichot is narrated by actress, writer and radio host, Marilyn Lightstone, sharing insights about the music and its connection to the words.

This is the Slichot service you have wished for all your life, and the perfect way to get in the mood for the New Year!

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