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2022 Interactive Las Vegas Megillah

It’s our brand new 2022 Interactive Megillah Singalong, featuring new lyrics to songs from the Entertainment Capital of the World!

Hear the re-telling of the Purim Story
Welcome special musical guest stars
Sing along accompanied by the Purim All-Star Las Vegas Orchestra
Learn new Purim lyrics to Vegas classics (lyrics on the screen)

Meet the superstar cast of our Interactive Las Vegas Megillah:

The King
Simon Spiro
You know him, but you’ve never seen him like this!

Queen Vashti
Chilina Kennedy
Broadway star of Beautiful, The Band’s Visit and JC Superstar
More about Chilina here

Queen Esther
Lorraine Lawson
Canadian Power Vocalist
Vocal Coach on The Launch and Schitt’s Creek
More about Lorraine here

Haman (“Hamanilow”)
Thom Allison
Star of Television and Broadway
(Too many awards & credits to even start listing)
More about Thom here

Royal Advisor
Jeff Madden
Dora Award Winner
Star of Jersey Boys, Come From Away

Zeresh, Haman’s wife
Elicia Mackenzie
Dora Award Winner
Star of The Sound of Music
More about Elicia here

Alex Samaras
The Swingin’est of Jazz Singers
More about Alex here

Royal Town Crier
Kelly Holliff Canadian Musical Theatre Star
More about Kelly here

Bigtan & Teresh (Palace Guards)
Micah Barnes of the Nylons
and Thom Allison
More about Micah here

And featuring The Las “Oy-Veygas” Chorus
Julia Barber, Jennifer Taverner, Mathias Memmel, Jeff Madden

Accompanied by the Purim All-Star Las Vegas Orchestra, conducted by Brigham Phillips

You don’t want to miss this!
Wednesday, March 16 at 8:00 PM