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Be a HIT

The “Be A H.I.T. (Hazzan-In-Training)” Program

Open to teenagers and children 8+.

Can you read Hebrew? Do you like to sing? Then you can Be A HIT!

A Note from Aliza Spiro, Creative Director:

When I was little, our synagogue didn’t have a Hazzan, so all the children learned to lead the prayers on Friday night and Shabbat morning. We started with shorter hymns, but by the age of 8, we were allowed and encouraged to be on the Bimah leading the entire congregation in full sections of the service. Long before we reached Bar/Bat-Mitzvah age, we all had years of experience with davening from the Bimah so we were never nervous!

Not all the children in our congregation grew up to become professional Hazzanim, but most of them went on to lead services at high school youth groups and university campuses, and all of the children did grow up to feel comfortable in any synagogue anywhere.

Here at The Song Shul, you have that same opportunity. You can “Be A H.I.T. (Hazzan-In-Training)” for any part of the Shabbat service. You will receive a booklet to follow at your own pace. It will explain the meaning of the prayers, and give you guidelines for everything you need to know when you’re learning and eventually leading the prayers. I’ll also share with you some special tips that Cantor Simon and I have picked up over the years.

To master the tune (called “Nusach”) you will also receive a recording so that you can sing along as you learn. Then, when Cantor Simon gives you the Thumbs Up, you’ll be awarded a certificate and be scheduled to join him on the Bimah to lead the congregation.

Shabbat is a wonderful weekly holiday, and it is so special to share it with other Jewish people in shul on Shabbat morning. Knowing the prayers will make your Shabbat morning experience more enjoyable, and when you are actually serving as a Hazzan (or Hazzan-in-Training), more enjoyable for those singing along.

Whether you grow up to be a real Hazzan, or just choose to go on to lead services in student minyanim, high school youth groups, summer camp and college campuses, I know you’ll be a real HIT!

If you would like to Be A H.I.T., please let me know. I can’t wait to meet you and get you started!